project summary

project summary

Contribute to develop world's hygienic environment with our products

SARAYA Co., Ltd. was established in 1952 and developed medicated hand soap and dispenser for the first time in Japan. Our liquid soap contributed to prevent people from spreading infectious diseases like diarrhea in the period after the World War. Since then, we are leading the development of hygienic environment in Japan with evolving our products such as alcohol sanitizer and no-touch dispensers.

On the other hand, about 16,000 children under 5 years-old are dead everyday in developing countries, but they are mostly caused by preventable diseases. It is said that correct handwashing using soap is effective to prevent diarrhea and pneumonia, and may save life of 1 million children.※1

This is why we started "Wash A Million Hands!" project in 2010 which donates 1% of sales amount of specific products※2  for supporting UNICEF's handwashing promotion activities in Uganda.

※1 The State of the World's Children 2016 ※2 Available only in Japan

  • JAPAN since 1952
  • UGANDA since 2010

Your choice of SARAYA products contributes to spread correct handwashing.

Our activity is aiming not only building handwashing facilities in Uganda, but also empowerment of local people. We offer supports for hygienic education to the children and their mothers, handwashing campaign with the local media, etc. to enable the local people to know correct handwashing using soap and spread it on their own.

We also spread the project in Japan by raising public interest in hygienic matters in developing countries through this Website and our products.

Your choice of SARAYA products contributes to spread correct handwashing. We are making efforts as a global company to develop world's hygienic environment by promoting hygienic products and CSR activities.

Activities and goals

"Wash A Million Hands!" project supports UNICEF's handwashing promotion activities by donating 1% of our sales amount of the specific products.※1
Target amount of donation is more than JPY 10 million per year.

※1 Available only in Japan

The hygienic environment in Uganda is still severe though our activity between 2010-2015 showed great results. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aimed to decrease the under-5 mortality rate to less than 45 per 1,000 births by 2015, but the rate still remains 55 per 1,000 births in Uganda.※2

※2 The State of the World's Children 2016

We intend to continue supporting for additional 3 years from 2016 to achieve the new goal adopted by UN; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We set the following as our goal for 2016-2018.

The campaign develops to a nationwide activity in Uganda

  • Spread the succeeded activity of promoting handwashing in 30~40 districts nationwide.
  • Aim to raise awareness of correct handwashing using soap to be considered as a main activity in the prefectures' water and hygiene program.

Raise mothers' awareness of handwashing

  • Aim to increase the rate of population that practice handwashing at proper time 4% per year. (including mothers who have under-5 years child)
  • Spread a home handwashing equipment "Tippy Tap" by announcing the importance of correct handwashing through activities of the handwashing ambassadors and media campaigns.

To spread good practices

  • Enforce appropriate monitoring and evaluation system of the activities at each prefecture.
  • Document good practices of handwashing in more than 3 districts.