project report 2014

project report

"Wash A Million Hands!" project which started in 2010, achieved its goal in first 3 years.
Here we report the results of the project as of December 2013.

<Activities in 2010~2012>

6,715 people were nominated as handwashing ambassadors
Education for 1.2 million mothers

Handwashing ambassadors informed 1.2 million mothers about the importance of handwashing using soap and installed home handwashing equipment "Tippy Tap".

Expansion of the home handwashing equipment "Tippy Tap" raised handwashing rate to 29%.

Tippy tap was more frequently installed next to the toilet. It is estimated that more than 2.82 million people can access daily to handwashing facilities. The target districts of the project has achieved 29% handwashing rate, which is higher than the national average.

<Activities in 2013>

Promoting education of handwashing using soap in the schools.

300 teachers from 150 schools in 30 districts participated in a training course to learn the importance of handwashing using soap and to discuss the way of expanding it. Education tools and calendars for awareness of hygienic issues were provided in order to promote education for handwashing in the school.

Spread good practice nationwide.

In order to expand the handwashing campaign from the target districts to all over Uganda, documents and movies introducing good practices were distributed nationally. Handwashing is expected to be the main topic of hygiene project in all districts.

Nationwide promotion

A promotion of handwashing was widely broadcasted by 9 local radio stations. Other promotional activities related to world's handwashing day (October 15) and other hygiene campaigns made a success.