project report 2010

project report

On August 9, 2010, we received a report from the UNICEF Uganda office about the progress of the national handwashing campaign towards the world's handwashing day on October 15.
The report told us that our support by the "Wash A Million Hands!" project has been utilized for various activities from this August to give a boost to the local atmosphere towards the world's handwashing day.
We will continue to inform about the progress on this page.

Now in Uganda, preparations are in progress for a national handwashing campaign towards the world's handwashing day in October. Preliminary activities for the campaign are being conducted in some areas since the beginning of this year, then official campaign is scheduled to start in 30 districts.

By July 2010, the following preliminary activities were carried out for the campaign.

  • A preparatory meeting was held to promote active implementation of the campaign in 30 target districts.
  • 2,834 people was chosen as handwashing ambassadors and was participated in a training course. The ambassadors are volunteers chosen from the community and have a roll to tell the message of handwashing to the village people.
  • Investigation of the current situation about the home handwashing equipment "Tippy Tap" in 10 districts.
  • Planning a media PR to raise awareness of the campaign.
  • From August 2010, various activities for the campaign will start officially.

    • An opening ceremony for the campaign will be held by Ugandan first lady.
    • A talk show will be held by cooperation of radio spots by national 21 stations and disk jockeys.
    • Distribution of handbooks, posters and T-shirts for on-site activities of the handwashing ambassadors.
    • An opening ceremony for the campaign will be held in each of the 30 districts. These events are scheduled to be carried out on the world's handwashing day on October 15.

    ©UNICEF Uganda/2010 Training of the handwashing ambassadors

    Funds gathered through our "Wash A Million Hands!" project are being used for a part of preliminary activities for the official start of the nationwide campaign since August.
    We really appreciate for all cooperation for promoting handwashing in Uganda.

    August 9. 2010
    UNICEF Uganda office

    ※Funds of UNICEF Uganda office are also used for the campaign as well as the support of SARAYA's "Wash A Million Hands!" project.